Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday ... 3/27/16

Happy Easter!

Good morning. We're in for a cloudy day, but likely no rain as the front stays north of us. Lynne and Les had a good driving day until they hit freezing rain near Sioux City Iowa. There they found a hotel and settled in for the night. If the driving is good today, they should arrive home about 4 o'clock, cocktail hour. 

Mark made a quick trip for grocery while I did laundry chores and set the dining room table for tonight. Randy, Dawn and Lorne are coming for Mexican Dominoes and dinner. No, it's not a traditional Easter dinner, but fun to get together. Yes, "Ham" is involved, plus cabbage rolls casserole. Yum. 

Get it? "Peace" be with you. The only chocolate here this year is dark Hershey kisses. The Easter bunny declared we didn't need the extra calories this year. Wha-waa-waaa.

So the gang arrived and we had drinks at the bar and we talked about a bliz-ZARD. LOL. Everyone marveled at my wonderful French accent. LOL. We had lots of laughs at dinner, and afterword played Mexican Dominoes.

Lorne, Randy & Mark ... wait til Lorne tries on his sunglasses! LOL.(They're covered in black electrical tape.) 

It was an Easter for the records.  Haha. About 11 all went home. Such fun. So that's it til tomorrow. Ta ta. 


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