Monday, February 15, 2016

Wash Day 2/15/16

Oh we were a little late getting out of bed this morning! It was nice to let the doggies out back for a few minutes...then we all went back to bed for 2 hours! It's cloudy this morning...whaaaat? 

So chores done, Mark was making chicken soup and had 2 helpers in the kitchen accepting chicken pieces. Haha. Me? Laundry day ... washy-Monday - 4 loads finished when RanDawn called to invite us for dinner tonight. Nice! Of course the Scotties are invited too! Very nice. This will be BeeZee's first visit to their home. I wonder what she'll be looking at there! Robbie will be happy to show her around!

Mark brushed the kids today and Bee thought it an unusual way to be groomed. 
No complaints ... she enjoyed her spa day. LOL 

We're having chicken kebabs at RanDawn's plus cheesy potato casserole. (It's delicioso!) We're bringing a Marie Callender's Key Lime pie for dessert. 

Sue and Wayne had a good night with Rose and Jim over for steaks on the BBQ. Tonight, the K's are going to Bella Roma with Pat and Derek. (We haven't seen them for awhile!) 

Where's Scott? Well, he hasn't made it to his Pompano house yet. LOL. After a 16 day stay with RanDawn, he's near Tampa  now visiting his mom. 

Host 'n hostess ... great fun! We love you two!

Dinner was great! We played Mexican Dominoes until 11:15 ... Dawn was the big winner! Robbie and Belize enjoyed their back porch and mooching chicken. They all had lots of lap time and hugs. 

Belize and uncle Randy. 

It's time to go home ... the pups are ready for bed! 
They were both perfect little house guests! Ta ta til tomorrow!

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