Friday, February 26, 2016

R 'n R on their way 2-26-16

Although it seems very early in the season for heading north to Canada, Rick and Ruth have their 7000 mile drive planned with family and friend visits along the way. 
It would be so much simpler if Robbie and Daisy could get along, because Belize I think, would be fine with Daisy. Maybe, if R 'n R become neighbors, they would get used to each other. 

Tonight, Rick and Ruth are staying at Georgia Boys Fishcamp to visit Diane. Kris is apparently at The Villages house, doing work.
They will have another driveway to camp on tonight, before starting for New Orleans on Saturday. 

Us? We caught up on chores, had a nap and headed to Guadalajara's for dinner. Tomorrow, Ashley and Kyle fly home to Winnipeg. The gang went to the Hideaway for drinks while Mark and I headed to Georgefest in downtown Eustis. 

Home by 8:30 the pups were happy to see us. We lit a fire and sat with them, relaxing. Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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