Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bowling & Baths - 2/18/16

Good day, eh? Well, it is here in Central Florida. The sun is shining, our front door guarded by two Scotties, open wide to nature. Ha! Squirrels and birds and an occasional dog walker. No, we haven't seen the bears lately. 

We left the dogs to look after the house at noon and went to run a few errands and bowling. Robbie and Belize are getting along perfectly fine. We don't even have to close our bedroom door, they are both so extremely well behaved. Sue suggested I buy a pheromone plug-in for the dogs when we went to Tulsa. Maybe it had a terrific affect on introducing Robbie to Collier's pack. Robbie got along very well with everyone, except Cabbie, an intact male. I wish he had gotten along with him, as I would've taken Cabbie too if Bonnie would've allowed it. LOL. He is such a sweet boy, a real cuddle bug, like Belize and it seemed he bonded with us. (I went through similar feelings with Tubs, Robbie's brother. I always regret not adopting him too.) BTW, Tubs found a fab home with children! :-)

This afternoon, Mark bathed the doggies well I sorted our kitchen pots 'n pans. What started this, was hints from Better Homes & Gardens on email. 
DONE! More space, less clutter. Dangerous cookware in the trash. Rah!

Mark called BeeZee "Woodchuck" during her bath ... she kept popping up! LOL
What a sweet girl. We're guessing she's not fond of water?

Mr Robs loves his sitz bath ... much better than slipping and sliding in the shower. 
Tonight, brushing in front of the fireplace. Yes, it dropping to 56 tonight; great for a small fire!

Today, Dawn was at work while Randy was laying landscape stones alongside the new driveway. We invited him to come bowling with us, but he was too busy.  

So that's it for tonight, ta ta till tomorrow. 

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