Friday, February 19, 2016

At Home - 2/19/16

Bonjour! It's a breezy 64F this morning and we have no plans! That's rather nice, isn't it?

Mark took the Scotties outback while he removed seed pods from the Queen Palms and tidied up our backyard. It's so nice that both dogs are so quiet as in no barking. Neighbor dogs all around us bark, but not Robbie and BeeZee.  They're hoping the bird or squirrel doesn't notice them ... until it's too late. LOL

Gee, it's 5:30 and we've been puttering all day. I listed a few items on eBay and had 2 sales tonight; the first in a week. 
This is a pretty, triple strand necklace I made with several shades of blue glass beads. I really like the icy blue chips. But, I can't keep them all. Haha. 

Finally, Robbie and Belize had a fun dog run!!! Yay! That was the first real play since we got home a little over a week ago. It took a little time, but they are well-connected now.

Sue and Wayne took Shorty and Julius to Rose's condo to have dinner with her and Jim. It's nice they can take the dogs. Next Monday, Julius is scheduled to have a tooth removed that is causing him pain and stress. 

Randy finished his driveway project and went to the Hideaway with Dawn for supper. He was sorry to miss bowling yesterday, but needed to finish before company arrives Sunday. 

Tomorrow night, we're invited to Sharon & Art's for a dinner party. Fun. Ta ta.

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