Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dad's Day 2/21/16

Good morning. It's lovely to put feet on the floor and have a wee Scottie girl greet us! (Robbie, not a morning guy, tends to sleep in ... upside down!) LOL

First walk of the day ...
Queen Bee in the lead ... Robbie prancing along behind. Cute, aren't they?

It's a busy day! The Daytona 500 race ... meet Jane & Cliff for dinner ... pop in at RanDawn's tonight. But right now, we're all relaxing. 

I began stringing rose pearls onto the cameo pendant Bonnie and Roger bought for me. After I strung them, I took a pic and decided to add a strand of cherry quartz chips. Before I could decide whether or not I liked the addition, BeeZee jumped on my lap to help. LOL
Yep; a big kissy helper. Muuuah. 

Our plans for dinner with Jane and Cliff were dashed when she phoned to say they couldn't make it. Unfortunately, Jane wasn't feeling well. We shall try for next week. So, Mark and I went to Stonegate Grill on Lake Eustis. Mark had Mahi Mahi and I a bacon cheddar burger; both meals were very good. We saw Annette there having dinner on the deck with her family. They had come by boat. It was a perfect day ... we should have been on the boat!

Randy and Dawn had Jill and Bob, and Ashley and Kyle plus another couple from the Hideaway for dinner. It was a bit of a madhouse when we first got there, but we all went and watched the fellows play pool in the Harley room afterward. 
Randy was beaten on his own table by houseguest Kyle. LOL. 

Bob was missing their girl Sadie so thought the surest way to a Scottie's heart ...
was on their height. Robbie humored Bob, but BeeZee was off to the next adventure. 

Both Robbie and Belize had plenty of attention and laps to sit on. 
In the end, an old plastic water bottle was just the most fun. 

We arrived home in time to watch one of our favorite shows, Downton Abbey. Mark fell asleep within the first 15 minutes, so I guess we will re-watch it tomorrow. LOL. Ta ta. 

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