Thursday, February 4, 2016

#6 Dinner at Brown's 2/4/16

It's chilly on the willy this morning ... 27F. I snuck downstairs at 3:30 to check on the pups. Mark laughed at me prepping their pen with a dry spot, cozy area. "The house will be the same temperature as every other night!" LOL

Frosty paws on the deck this morning! We decided to let the wee ones play in the kitchen for an hour while I did water bowls & breakfast. Mark began filling divots on woodwork trim. We'll never get it all painted, but repaired and touched up will go a long way to looking nice.

Mark worked on some patching Bonnie & Roger started on the woodwork trim. Ella, 9 months, was his helper. 

All was well until he said, "I smell a dukie" and stepped back to check his work! 


It was pretty chilly all day, but finally 50°F at 3 o'clock. All the dogs went out for a good bit of air. It was an early dinner for them, as were going to Vickie and Dick's for dinner tonight. Nice!

We just got home at 10:15. Dinner was great and the puppies were so much fun.

Dick cooked beautiful fillets for dinner while Vickie cooked stuffed baked potatoes and asparagus. We had a really good time. Jasmine and Gabby were good time Scotties! It was a really fun night. 

Everyone was happy to see us home by 10:15 !!! You think we had been away all week. LOL

I let Sue know that we were home, and she was still up, coughing from a cold. Randy and Dawn were on their way to South Florida for the super bowl weekend! 

Well I must end here as all the dogs want attention before bedtime. So that's it until tomorrow. Ta ta. 

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