Saturday, February 20, 2016

Whether to Weather 2/20/16

Well that was interesting! At 6:10 I took the kids out the back door for potty. As I was standing there, waiting, I caught a glimpse of something out the corner of my eye. WTF? Nothing there! Hmm, there it is again. I was seeing my exhale! Strange!
That's my temp ... 50F ... don't we just see our breath when it's really cold outside? (Mom used to say I should be a weather girl on TV ... to which I'd reply I wasn't good looking.) Anyway, that phenomenon must be dew point related, similar to fog ... except there wasn't any fog. (Add that to the weather mystery; like having to scrape car windows at 38F in Oklahoma City.)

So a few rough calculations led me to believe that my exhale was about 90F ... which cooled relatively quickly to about 50F (I learned that was the outside temp) ... and relative humidity must be above 50%. Voilà ... my own contrails. 

Diane sent me this one on Facebook messenger today. I love it.
And we all know which (witch?) child this refers to. LOL. 

Mark was going to Home Depot today so took our two eBay packages to the post office. That's nice, maybe we won't have to rush around Monday morning. (He's picking up Rustoleum Hammered Copper paint for an RV project.)

Sue and Wayne have Rose dog sitting while they go dancing at the Elks! What a great friend she is!

Randy and Dawn had an "at home" night ... catching up on TV and relaxing. (Company arrives tomorrow.)

Bonnie was grooming Cabby and Ella for an upcoming dog show while Roger installs a new bathroom faucet set. Busy, busy. 
Cabby ... Bonhaven Cabana Boy ... Looking handsome! 

Sharon & Art's dinner party was fun. There were 16 (2 we didn't know), with plenty of salads, lasagna, ham, scalloped potatoes and garlic bread. It was fun ... a good group of friends! 

We came home for the kids by 8:15 ... less than 4 hours. They were both happy to see us. So now it's relax and Telly time. G'night. 

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