Saturday, February 6, 2016

#8 - 2/6/16

Good morning! It's our last "official" full day of doggie sitting. Bonnie & Roger have an 8 hour drive home from the Port of Houston. We're expecting them around 9 o'clock tonight. We're hoping their drive home will be uneventful. 😎

Meanwhile, we were up at 5:45 ... doggie duties; then I painted 2 doors; Busy busy busy. I hope they'll be very pleased with our effort. We tidied up our items scattered about the house and put them in the guest room. I packed one bag that we won't haul into a hotel on our drive home. We plan to leave Monday morning. 

Mark and I went to Kilkenny's Irish pub for lunch this afternoon. It's a really neat place, just like any we saw in Dublin. 

Celebrating my (early birthday) with lunch at Kilkenny's Irish Pub in Tulsa's Cherry Street district. 
Delicious! Fish 'n Chips & Brown Bread Pudding; and Jamison, of course. Mark wanted the tabletop flowers in the picture ... and NO Randy, I didn't mistake it for my drink. LOL. (See Thanksgiving 2014 Blog)! 

Kilkenny's was very busy with "the regulars" sitting at the long bar talking shop. It's an interesting place! We waited about 20 minutes for a table.
Mark, being a Whiskeynoser. LOL

Harp & Guinness ... and Jamison. Cheers!

Sue and Wayne are both sick with the flu bug and have been for several days. I suggested a trip to their doctor ... and not wait (like I did last summer). 

After we fed and walked everyone, Mark sat down to watch a movie with BeeZee and Robbie. 
My cutie with the cuties. ❤️

So that's it for this evening. We're waiting for Bonnie and Roger to arrive about nine. I'm sure the dogs will be so excited to see them home again! 

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