Tuesday, February 2, 2016

#4 Arooooo 2/2/16

Good morning. No, the dogs didn't wake me up, it was Braum's chili. Ha ha. I woke the dogs up! 

Thunderstorms were expected last night, but passed us by. We had a little light rain; that was all. 

Today's task, along with looking after seven doggies will be laundry and finish the front room painting. 

BeeZee is on cats 'n rats patrol. We laughed as she used the paint step-stool to look out the window. Smart girl. 

Meanwhile, the wee widgets peed in the kitchen while Mark was picking up poop on the back deck. (I was tidying their playpen and putting in clean newspapers ... a 5-6 times a day routine.) after an hour, I put Hannah and chief back into their pan. Mark checked on them two minutes later, and saw Chief dunking his head, all the way to his ears, into the ice cold water bucket clipped to the side of their pen!

Hahaha. It took less than three minutes to mess up that paper again. LOL. 

Bonnie has a cast iron frypan that is the bomb! Mom used to have 1 ... wish I taken it when she offered. It's not easy to "season" them. I made grilled cheese sandwiches for our lunch. Braum's butter and cheese ... Yum!

It's a chilly day here. The sun is out, but it's windy! Tomorrow, chilly for our lunch out with Tim. We're looking forward to seeing him again! 

Ta ta. 

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