Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Harbor Shores Lunch - 2/17/16

Good day! It was foggy when the kids and I went out back at 6:30. It's forecast to be 74F and sunny later today. YeeHaw!

Our Harbor Shores luncheon is at Tillie's in downtown Eustis. Of course we'll pop into Peddler's Wagon afterward ... and I need some laundry scent essential oil. While I'm out with the girls, Mark is designing a window seat for BeeZee. Yes, she has a leather footstool to stand on, but Mark doesn't think it's appropriate. LOL. Yes, he intends on spoiling his little girlie. 

Home from lunch, it was a very nice afternoon and the food was delicious. Several of the gals hadn't been in Peddler's Wagon so it was my duty to introduce them. They were all drinking Mimosas when I saw them a few minutes later. Several left with bags of goods. Ha! I thought they would like it.

Mark and I had plans to go on the boat for happy hour today and take the pups. It would be BeeZee's first boat ride. However, we hit a snag. Mark said the boat was tough to start but he thought it was something loose with the ignition switch. Perhaps we will forego our happy hour and instead go out tomorrow morning in the boat.

So, Happy Hour occurred (not in itself a surprise), but aboard Mrs R B! This was Mz BeeZee's 1st boat ride. 
Bee was very interested in every sound. She was so good, though, sitting with Mark or me. 
Robbie took it all in stride and maintained his dignity by displaying perfect behavior. Scotties are the easiest pups! 

Well, I saw this on Facebook and had to laugh.
Jerry (and Angie) must be Pinot Grigio drinkers. LOL.  OK, so that was an inside joke, but I must share. During a party, or at Sue and Wayne's, I corrected Jerry on his "lousy Italian accent" and suggested he work on it. LOL. Well, the next day, Sue informed me that both Jerry and Angie were born and raised in Italy. Hahaha. I thought Jerry was a Frenchman. Haha. My bad. 

Well that's it for our day. Sue and Wayne went to the Elks tonight for dancing. Les and Lynne are spending their evening at K's dog sitting. Sue, Lynne & Rose went shopping together today. (Something I miss doing with them!)

Ta ta til tomorrow!

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