Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#5 Chili's Lunch 2/3/16

Brrr 32F in T-Town this early morning! The Scotties seemed "extra" energized ... especially Ella. After water bowls were washed and replenished, I started their break-feast (haha). The wee pups were dashing about the upper deck for nearly an hour ... so we put their first round of food out there! Today's special was kibble 'n eggs (two eggs between 5 adult doggies). Apparently Cabbie doesn't like eggs! He ate the kibble mix ... Bonnie said Cabbie was fussy. 

Our plan was to meet to Timichael at Kilkenny's for lunch today. At 11 o'clock, he canceled, saying he couldn't make it. So, Mark and I switched our day around and left at 12:45 to look for some dentil  molding at Lowe's. They had some, but not just the teeth part that we were looking for. We had lunch at Chili's and then went in search of a Home Depot. Home Depot had another version, but not what we had seen online. Maybe it's a special order item? Then, it was off to the liquor store for wine to take to Vickie and Dick's tomorrow night. We were back home by three for the doggies.

At Chili's for lunch!
Cheers! We "escaped!" LOL

Back home, the kids were ready for attention. 
Cabby & me having a snuggle-buggle moment. (Cabbie is Belize's brother.) He's a sweet, gentle soul.

Mark has wild girl Ella (9 months) under control ... for a moment. 
She has lots of energy and may be the next show girl. 

Percy is Bonnie's 14 year young Westie. He growls at Ella and the pups but generally gets along well with everyone. 
Percy is styling and wears his coat 24/7. 

The pups, Chief & Hannah had free run of the kitchen for more than an hour. We put paper down for them and twice they peed on it ... Missed once. Here they are with Bonnie's hula hoop.

We took it away before they could chew it and put it in the vacuum closet. I'm telling this on here so that Bonnie knows where to find it. The pups were certainly cute running about the kitchen both hanging onto the hula hoop! LOL. 

Well it's 730 and everyone is taking a break. We'll get them out again about 930 for another romp. Now it's TV time with Robs and Bee. Ta ta. 

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