Monday, February 22, 2016


Good morning. I was up at seven to let the kids out for a minute back then all went back to bed until nine! 

Today is tidy up and prep for Rick 'n Ruth in the boating with the whole crew tomorrow! We're food shopping and organizing for tomorrow. Otherwise, we're taking it easy. 

It was golf day for Bob, Kyle & Randy ... plenty of laughs I'm sure! Dawn worked today ... this evening they're all on a booze run. Oh yeah, the Canadians are on holiday. LOL

Mark and I decided on bowling tonight ... got there and the place was packed with league bowlers! Plan B was the Mexican restaurant in downtown Eustis where I had the BEST Chimichanga ever. It was lovely dining al fresco tonight! Rain is expected at 9 o'clock and 2 a.m. with clearing by morning. 

Sue and Wayne set the cat trap tonight hoping to capture feral cat #3 for neuter and release. I wonder if this is their trap?


A shoebox is great too!

More tomorrow! Ta ta. 

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