Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Good morning from sunny Central Florida. Mark was up at 4 AM with sore knees from yesterday's project. Nevertheless, he went to buy 15 more fence panels and 17 posts at Lowe's. We hope to finish the job today. Some of the panels will need cutting/fabricating. 

Downtown Eustis was beautiful last night with the palm trees lit on Magnolia. Big changes are coming to the area this year. Ferran Park (waterfront) is getting a splash pad and vendors at the public docks. Cool. 

Me and my valentine outside 1884. Dinner was excellent, and our waitress terrific! 

Mark arrived home about 11 o'clock with the panels. I cut the wrappings off them and prepared the posts by removing the stake portion. By noon, we had installed 15 panels. Damn, we're getting good at this! Mark realized he had picked up the wrong nuts and bolts for finishing the job. The package he picked up was in the wrong slot at Home Depot. Drat. Anyway, we need two more panels to finish. So, after lunch, he went to Home Depot while I relaxed on the front porch with the doggies. Belize was fascinated by the flock of white Ibis in our front lawn. (They come by once or twice a week to eat grubs.) I washed the two birdbaths and refill them and then put out fresh seed and mealworms for the birds. Our friend and neighbor down the street, Carol and Roger, have been feeding meal worms to our bluebirds. Well, the bluebirds have been hanging out at their house, so we had to step it up by offering meal worms here to get our birds back. LOL. I guess were keeping up with the Joneses as mom used to say. But, since we had a Jones family for relatives, I used to say to her, but aren't they poor mom? Haha. 

As you can see, we had plenty of help putting up our fence panels. 
Everyone loves to help their daddy. Sweet. 

Finished! Fantastic! Fun!

Lots of space to enjoy! 

Randy and Dawn arrived about 530. We had Stavros Pizza, watched Long Island Medium then played Mexican dominoes until 1030. For the first time ever, we had a tie between Randy and Mark. We played a rubber match, and Mark won ... Randy was stuck with the double blank, 50 points! LOL. 


Hahaha. It was great fun!  Afterwards, we played Kings in the corner. Randy and Dawn I just learned how to play it. It was a fun game. At 11:45, they headed home and we tidied up. The Scotties were exhausted, having had a busy day and lots of company. Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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