Sunday, February 28, 2016

Projects - 2/28/16

It's a door open type of day! Mark made breakfast while I fed the Scotties, scrubbed birdbaths and refilled our bird feeder. We're ready to rock 'n roll on our backsplash project now. 

Our plans for later today include meeting aunt Jane and her fiancé Cliff at Ichi Ban for dinner. They moved three months ago to a larger home but we haven't seen their new place yet. Jane is still sorting through boxes. It must be very difficult and stressful to handle a 2nd move in 2 years when they're both in their 80s! (I never want to move again!) 

Speaking of moving, Bonnie and Roger are working on their Tulsa home getting it ready for the market. 
Roger is removing wallpaper in the bathroom. (That, to me, is the worst job to get stuck with!) Kudos Roger, you're doing a great job! Meanwhile, Bonnie is getting Cabby and Ella ready for the show ring next week. 
Here's handsome Cabby ... Ready to show! (Belize's brother!) 

Next, Miss Ella (10 months). 
She will be a challenge! Haha ... Miss Frisky! No lack of enthusiasm from this girl!

Meanwhile, our project continues. 
We now need longer screws for the window trim piece. That means a trip to Home Depot, or Lowes. (I'm thinking I don't want the blind on the kitchen window! It blocks too much view!) Hmm. 

It's difficult to see the color in the photo. 
This is Rust-Oleum's Hammered Copper enamel paint. I may want to extend the new look around the dining table area,
on the lower portion of the 3 walls. We shall see ...

Tonight, we met aunt Jane and Cliff for dinner. They are doing quite well for 2 octogenarians ++. Sammy, aunt Jane's 14 year old daschund passed away three weeks ago. They said no more dogs but yesterday were at the pound looking for a new pal. We discussed older dogs and think they're looking for one. All in all, a good visit. 

Tonight, the Scotties had fortune cookie pieces, chicken, broccoli and Purina kibble for dinner. We stopped at Petsupermarket and splurged for a boar bristle brush for them. It's a dog's life here. LOL
Mz B is watching a squirrel on the Sycamore tree, calmly! What a great gal she is. 

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