Thursday, February 11, 2016


Good morning sunshine! It's all what you get used to, but we sure do feel better in the Sunshine State. LOL. Finally, we can both breathe without nasal congestion. Mark's skin was so dry in Oklahoma, I thought he was going to flake away in the wind. Really. Have you ever seen dandruff on black socks? Well, Mark had it. LOL

Our friends Rick and Ruth sold their boat in south Florida. I wonder what lies ahead for them. For Ruth's birthday (10th), Rick cooked dinner for her at Benihana. 

Ruth bought this cooking class for Rick's Christmas gift. 

Rick already enjoys cooking ... and you're a natural at this my friend!  

Yesterday, we made plans to bowl with Randy and Dawn. My bad ... I'd forgotten Ya Ya's was Thursday night and that my RSVP was already in. Darn. I really wanted to bowl; we always have a great time. 

Mark cooked venison meatloaf for he and Lew while Lynn and I went to Ya Ya's. It was great fun tonight. We had salad, pizza and 3 desserts then played charades. Pat did not fail to put us all in stitches as she tried "The Lion King". She flitted about like a bird flapping her arms. What??? LOL. She was upset no one guessed her charade. 

Robbie and Belize continue to get along well. They have fun digging through the toy box. Robs allows he some toys and tonight gave her a rawhide. Once shed softened it up, he took half for himself. Cute. 

That's it for tonight. 

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