Saturday, February 13, 2016

Iron Curtain 2/13/16

Good day! All's well. Finally, I put all the suitcases away from our Tulsa trip. It sounds simple, right? Of course one suitcase fits into another and another and so on and so forth. While I was in the guestroom doing this, Belize came in to snoop around the "new" room in the house. She sniffed at the French doors, so I opened them and let her into the Sunroom. I closed the French doors behind her. She stood for a second, looking around; then dartedtoward the  sunroom/dining room entrance, through the dining room, down the hall and into the guestroom. What a smart girl she is! Really! 

At Bonnie & Roger's, it's bath day for their kiddos ... all 5 of 'em.
Bonnie's been doing their grooming today although Mark and I thought they looked perfect. We had some laughs when Bonnie chided Mark for chopping Robbie's eyebrows too short. She threatened she'd get ahold of Mark and chop his ...
and I said, "Please do!" LOL. We had so much fun with her and Roger. 

Speaking of pals, Rick and Ruth sold "In Tune" and must vacate their boat by the 16th. I invited them to come here and think what they would like to do next. 
When they listed their yacht for sale, they thought it may take 2-3 years to sell. It didn't. Ha! They had 6 days to vacate! I can only imagine the furious packing going on at this moment in Stuart, Florida. Fortunately, they have an RV but it's going to be stuffed! 

Two days ago, BeeZee outsmarted Robbie, aka "The Troll." 
She took Robbie's favorite squeak toy under HIS spot; the Livingroom coffee table. Oh, Robbie! Your world has changed! It's ruff, huh?

Do you see the bird atop my table lamp? Belize does! And she wants it! LOL

Today's project is to install Empire ornamental iron fencing around our Chattahoochee raised patio. This will give Robbie and Belize a safe place to play outside when we're entertaining at the outdoor bar area. (Yes, we do have an indoor bar too!) 
Installation is mostly easy-peasy. We removed the spike bottom on the posts because we're installing the fence atop the pressure treated timbers. Mark drilled the holes while I unwrapped and prepped the pieces. We had 12 sections installed in 2 hours. Tomorrow, we'll buy 15 more, plus 17 posts and finish the job. It'll be about $550 finished but priceless for the last piddle before bedtime for the Scotties. 

Tonight, Mark and I are going to 1884 for our Valentine's dinner. Yes, we're a day early! We plan it that way and don't care to go out on the 14th. (He bought me a lovely orchid for the garden ... and last year's is now reblooming!)

Dinner at 1884 was a 4.5 tonight. That's pretty darn good for a local-yokel restaurant. Taylor was a good waitress ... rib-eye very good; pork chop excellent. Well done for VD. ;-)

The pups were happy to see us and def had a dog-run!!  The underpad was missing a strip! BeeZee? lol. 

Ta ta. It was a great evening. 

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