Monday, February 8, 2016

Tulsa to Baton Rouge 2/8/16

Good morning! We somehow managed to pack, load up and say our farewell by 6:45. I'd been "eyeing" something for nearly 2 weeks and, at the last minute, Bonnie let me have her (very rare) Mary Englebreit O'Henry cookie jar! Wowsa! I love it! Roger found bubble wrap and Bonnie, Scotch tape! So, we were on our way home with Robbie, Belize & O'Henry.   Thank you my dear friend! 
O'Henry is going to sit on our granite kitchen lunch bar. I LOVE him! Thanks again girlfriend! I will take great care of him!

Our route was I-75 south to Muscogee Indian Turnpike. We stopped for breakfast at Creek Nation Travel Plaza. (It had a Burger King and Hunt's Pizza!) Mark bought us egg & sausage croissants. The Scotties are doing fine! 

Timichael called on Facebook Messenger, free! That's pretty cool. He's been working on his civil court case documents. We wish him luck. 

Here's a picture of the beautiful conch shell cameo pendant that Bonnie & Roger gifted me for my birthday! They watched the artist working in Roatan. 
I have an idea to string it with pearls. Nice, eh! 

Mark sprung for this Sterling & gold cuff bracelet from the Tulsa Native Art show yesterday. It's totally Handmade! 
What a GREAT birthday! I heard from 40 friends via Facebook ... Sue, Diane and Rick phoned. Randy, Dawn, Bob & Jil, Rod & Shay called today. I feel so lucky to have such a great group around!

Mark was texting yesterday with Matt and he sent us a few pics... Matt & Tiffany with their daughters Hailey and Isabella. 
It's a cute picture. Thank you Matt! We love it. 

At 2, we were on I-49 and the pups were still sleeping! 149 miles to go today! It's so very windy! We saw a Class A deep in the ditch. They were having a very lucky day ... they DIDN'T roll over! It could have been horrible!

Well, we had a calamity of errors with the hotel. I phoned Quality Suites in Baton Rouge and made a reservation. The clerk offered a confirmation number, but I didn't have a pen and paper handy. I put the address into our GPS and we carried on. We were counting down the miles and turned onto the exit. Mark spotted the hotel before GPS announced it ... and pulled into the parking lot. I went in to get our key. Well, they couldn't find our reservation and wanted my confirmation number! Drat. Then, I remembered I'd found it on Google so pulled out my phone and, sure enough, there was hotel I had called ... 15 miles down the highway! Back on the highway in rush-hour, we were puzzling why GPS would take us to that particular one? But it really didn't stop us there ... and I'd turned it off when we found the hotel. LOL 

45 minutes later we arrived at the Quality Inn on Highway I-12, not I-10. Mark was annoyed until I realized that I-12 runs the north side of Lake Ponchatrain and would keep us away from Mardi Gras traffic; we don't want to be anywhere near New Orleans on Fat Tuesday. 

After all the craziness of the first hotel, I decided I'd phone the one we were now driving to doublecheck our reservations. Well, it's a good thing I did!!! The desk clerk and just come on duty and couldn't find my reservation for tonight. Of course he asked for my confirmation number ... Double Drat. I asked if he had any rooms, ... one, a handicap with two queen beds. I said that we'd take it. Well, we arrived at the hotel 45 minutes later and checked in. Everything was fine. Mark walked the dogs while I made their dinner.

Mark had a gassy stomach most of the day (Mexican food the day before) so ran straight to the bathroom. After eating, BeeZee was running around like a little crazy girl. I thought she was just very excited to get out of the car but I was wrong. LOL

Mark stepped out of the bathroom right onto a Dukie. BEEZEE! Then, while he was picking up and cleaning the sole of his shoe, she peed on the chair. (I'm now cleaning the chair while Mark is walking the dog.) I think it's called closing the barn door after the horse has gone! LOL

We decided to order in pizza and pour a glass of wine. The saga continues tomorrow. Haha. Ta ta. 

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