Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Home! 2/10/16

Good morning y'all. I awoke to find TWO Scotties ... BeeZee in her bed and Robbie sitting alongside it. I took them out back for a pee ... to Robbie it was ho-hum; but to Bee, it was a great big adventure worthy of jackrabbit leaps across the lawn. LOL. She has an eye for artwork! I saw her looking at my Egret painting; then stand straight up for a closer look ... then a couple of barks! I guess it's a pretty good likeness of a bird in her eyes! 

Today would have been my nephew Gregg's birthday. He passed away last December ... gone too soon. You are missed Gregg. I talked to Darlene after dinner. She's having a tough time and still has no appetite. So sad. 

Egad! Welcome home, to two weeks of mail. Ha! Clearly 90% was junk, but 10% was a pain in the butt. There wasn't one item that could just be opened and handled. Everything required phone calls. You know that kind of mail, right? I was down to the last piece that was going to require an hour or two's work when Dawn phoned to say she and Randy were on their way over. Perfect. Tomorrow's another day! 

Mark took Robbie to the vet to get the packing out of his ear. He came home looking a little out of sorts, Robbie, not Mark. I guess they had to flush his ear out after that, and he was clearly annoyed. Mz B met him at the door, and he acted as if she was a strange dog. Ha ha. Actually, he may have been feeling a little dizzy. Ms. B on the other hand, has been romping through the house with glee. She loves all the low windows ... Scottie dog height. ;-)

Mz BeeZee sat with Mark and napped this morning. 

Randy and Dawn arrived for happy hour and to meet our new family member, Belize, or BeeZee as we say. 
BeeZee on uncle Randy's lap. Dawn brought dog cookies! They were accepted! LOL

Meanwhile, back in Tulsa, Bonnie and Roger set up a larger pen for puppies Chief & Hana.
Excellent! Room to romp and they'll be potty trained in no time now! 

It was 70F in T-Town tonight! 
Bonnie is getting some slurpy kisses tonight. We miss you all. 

We're worn out again tonight so Ta ta til tomorrow!

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