Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Happy 2/7/16

Happy Birthday to meeee! Mark and I started the day with doggie duties. Bonnie and Roger tried to sleep in a bit; you see we were up until 2:45 a.m.  LOL. It was a PARTAY! 

At 12:30 we went to the Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival. Roger's aunt Gwen Coleman Lester was a featured artist. It was nice to meet her and browse around. Bonnie found a gorgeous ring ... and me, a sterling bracelet. Our guys whipped out their credit cards and Bonnie had an anniversary gift and I a birthday present. Nice! 

Afterward, Bonnie and Roger treated us for lunch at Ted's Escondido!
Birthday lunch ... delicious. 
Bonnie ordered a Tacate. It was a big glass! 

Then, the grand finale! Singing waiters (oh noooo!) LOL
The Sombrero weighed about 5 lbs. Ole!

Back home, Bonnie helped shape Robbie's beard. He wasn't very cooperative but she did find a hot spot under there that may have contributed to his stress. 

Chief and Hana romped around the kitchen while Bonnie calmly groomed Robbie. Haha. 

Mark bought me a fabulous birthday cake, chocolate, of course. What a sweet husband. 
What a blaze!!! 

We all watched the Super Bowl game and then went to bed fairly early, Bonnie and Roger back to work tomorrow, and us, on the road home. Ta ta. 

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