Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Turkey Lurky 2/16/16

It's a loverly sunny start to our day here in Central Florida and forecast to be 79F this afternoon. Perfect. 
We had a strong front move across the Florida peninsula last night. It crossed here very rapidly, beginning about midnight and finishing by two in the morning. I didn't hear any thunder at all, just some heavy rain periodically. At 2 o'clock I checked my iPhone weather app and found BeeZee by the front door. The troll had taken her bed! I called her into our bedroom and put her in Robbie's bed. She settled in, and Robbie just opened his eyes and gave me 'the look.' LOL. 

Mark has a hectic day in store. He's cooking the 18 lb. turkey bought before Christmas for $5 ... plus has an eye doctor appointment this morning and family doctor this afternoon. I am to baste the bird and prep the red potatoes. 

I'm going to work on eBay listings today and perhaps make a necklace or two. Being so nice outside, I opened the overhead door and the kids had a good time watching chickadees scoping out a nest. Last year, they were in the ceramic birdhouse that hangs in our crêpe myrtle tree just off the front porch. We'll see if they choose it again. Both birds popped inside to have a look.  

Speaking of popped in, Lew came over to show Mark his find from Renninger's. He mounted his deer antlers on a piece of Cypress. They look quite nice, but I know Lynn won't let him hang them inside their house. Ha! 

Aunt Jane phoned today. Sammy had a bad bout of pancreatitis and was put down. We think she was around 14-15. She certainly had a good quality of life with uncle Don and Jane. She adapted to life without Don when he passed away in 2010 and again in 2013 when Jane and finance Cliff bought a new home. RIP Sammy, you were a great girl. 

Our babes had a good day of bird watching, lizard chasing and squirrel yip-yipping. 

Ta ta til tomorrow!

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