Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cruising 'n Chili ... 2/23/16

Darn. I wanted to sleep in but my brain had different things in mind. After taking the kids out back I got into watching 60 Minutes  and caught up on 120 minutes of shows I missed. LOL. 

Our boating day's weather forecast changed from NO rain to 70% chance. Being 90% optimist, we're going on our "3 hour tour"!  Ha!

Bob, Jill, Randy, Dawn, Kyle and Ashley all arrived four minutes early. Wow! We loaded up the boat and were on our way by 11:15. Lake Eustis was quite choppy with a south wind, but beautiful when we entered the Dora canal. We cruised to Wooten Park in Tavares where everyone took a break and walked around. After that, it was down the Dead River to Hurricanes for lunch. By that time, we were all hungry! After lunch, we headed back to homebase and let the dogs out. While we were sitting out back, Rick and Ruth arrived with Daisy. The party continued outside while Mark got the chili ready to serve. 
Cruising ... a great day on the water!

Back home, Mark sent Bob to get a bar stool for himself from our Sunroom. 
After Bob hauled the heavy stool outside, we realized Robbie was sitting in the one beside me. 

Meanwhile, Randy and Dawn caught a nap on the boat ... in the boathouse, for about an hour! We tried to find our rubber spider or the boat canned air horn, but couldn't find either. Alas, we let them sleep.
Notice that Randy is still holding his wine glass in his left hand. Haha. 

Jill and Bob brought us a lovely card welcoming Belize to the family and, a fancy bling collar for her. 
Mz B was very happy to show off her collar and sit on a barstool too! 

Mark's chili hit the spot!
Kyle, Ashley, Ruth, Jill, Bob and Mark

Rick, Randy & Dawn

We intended to play either Mexican Dominoes or Kings in the Corner, but ran out of time! We sure had a lot of laughs all afternoon. And, as you can see from the photos, the weatherman was totally wrong and we had an absolutely perfect day. It's now 1030, everyone's gone home, the dishwasher is loaded and it's time for bed. Ta ta til tomorrow!

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