Friday, February 12, 2016


It's a lovely start to the morning in Central Florida. Our Scotties enjoyed a sunny front porch and 70F. 

BeeZee continues to be inquisitive about everything! She spotted a Celtic cross hanging above the guest bath door and stood on her hind legs to see it better. She's so funny! Robbie continues to herd and otherwise try to control her. Right now though, he's napping and she's playing with the Starmark dispenser! 

Today we left the two in charge while Mark and I went on errands ... for 2+ hours! Our regular gal, Cheri, at Grand Island post office was out and Michele on duty. Ho hum, you've got to have patience with her. Poor girl tries but the job seems to be over her grasp. I had a registered letter going to Canada. Finally, the postmaster stepped in and handled it. Alas, not all jobs are for all people. Other stops were Pet Supermarket for tiny dog treats (Rob's diet!) and Walmart, for food, just because we were nearby. All was 100% when we came home. You see, Bonnie wasn't sure how Belize might behave when trusted at home alone. So far, so good; even great! 

Mark measured our chatahochee stone patio for fencing. It's a flea-free zone being 8" above the grass and would be safer (and easier) to let the Scotties have some backyard freedom. We'll see if it's affordable, but that's tomorrow's job. It was enough catching up on laundry and grocery today. 

Bonnie sent me this funny ...
and said "You!"  Sweet.  Bonnie began training the wee pups to walk on a lead. Chief caught on quickly; Hana preferred stalking the sidewalk by keeping her center of gravity low. Haha. Mark and I saw her do that before "surprise" attacking Chief. There's a Scottie dog show in early March so we know it's going to be busy at their house! Roger shows the dogs, too. Fun stuff!

Happy to report that both Sue and Wayne are feeling much better! Tonight, they're off to the Briny in Pompano Beach with Rose for pub dinner. 

Us? Happy hour on the front porch with Belize & Robbie. 
It was just 74F ... cheese 'n crackers with wine. The kids had a few almonds before their dinner of broccoli, kibble and chicken. Yum!

Randy was busy laying a pallet of sod, green side up. Ha! He sounded very worn out when I called. Dawn works all weekend! Darn. 

Tomorrow, will be going to the Home Depot to price some fencing and then tomorrow evening, out for Valentine's Day. For the past 15 years, we've been celebrating the day before, to beat the crowds. LOL. 

So that's it for today. Ta ta. 

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