Friday, February 5, 2016

#7 - 2/5/15

Good morning! We slept until nearly 7! It was funny in the middle of the night when Mark asked if I'd set the alarm. I replied, "Why? We don't have to get up for anything." LOL. Then we both laughed as he'd meant the house alarm. And NO I hadn't. 

After routine chores were done we began some trim painting. I just adore old houses and all the woodwork today's homes are without. 

You'd best not get paint on that Scottie dog stool Mr Marky! We painted doors today ... I have 2 to finish in the front room tomorrow morning. If we were here a few more days ... 

We went to Walmart in Sand Sorings this afternoon. Like all Wallys, we saw some strange folks ... and that store didn't have Robbie's favorite Granola Milkbones; so I substituted. Drat. 

Happy hour today involved brushing all the dogs and pups, except Percy. He growled at Mark, so we let him be. Haha. 

By 5 o'clock, Robbie was determined to sit on his dad's knee. Everyone else had been there before him! He thought it just wasn't fair. 
Tonight, Mark cooked some Braum's ribeye steak for dinner. Wow. It was great. After dinner, we tidied up and put all the pups into their place so we could sit and watch TV for an hour. 

Dawn sent a picture of where she and Randy are staying in Boynton Beach, Florida over Super Bowl weekend.

Bob & Jill Kalika are in town with their son and daughter-in-law. We are looking forward to seeing them next week.

Tomorrow, Bonnie and Roger arrive into Houston, Texas. Then, they have an 8 hour drive home. They will be exhausted. 

Speaking of exhausted, I'm going to sign off and chill out and watch TV until the next time we take the dogs out. Ta ta. 

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