Thursday, February 25, 2016

Flea Market Finds - 2/25/16

It's a bright beautiful (chilly) 57F morning! 
Rick's cooking blueberry pancakes for our breakfast. Mark has apparently had too much Columbian coffee. LOL

After a delicious breakfast, we decided to browse our local fairground flea market in Eustis. 
Although we needed nothing, we all came home with bags. Mark and Ruth bought plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. (I need to get home for another diet Sunkist orange before my body goes into shock from all this fresh stuff. LOL)

Apparently Ruth didn't eat enough blueberry pancakes as she was hot for a tamale.
This food truck was not in the best of condition and Rick was certain Ruth would get sick. Anyway, she changed her mind as there was no menu in sight. 

Back home, Ruth whipped up a batch of strawberry jam! Several berries didn't pass "Go", which I ate. Rick tried a Honeybell orange but lost half to Ruth. Then, Mark made avocado and beefsteak tomato salad! You see, I wasn't kidding about needing a soda! LOL

Meanwhile, at K's house, Julius seems to be feeling better after his tooth extraction but Wayne is still coughing, likely from allergies. 

The RanDawn excursion is now heading home from Saint Augustine, complete with hangovers! You see, they invented their own mix of booze called a 43 special. 

So, we all ran out to watch the launch at 6:46 PM, and 6:44 PM it was scrubbed. Wha-wa-wa! Lew came outside to watch the launch as well, and then he and Lynn came over for a glass of wine. About 1030, everyone was ready for bed. Ta ta til tomorrow!

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