Saturday, February 27, 2016

RV Project - 2/27/16

Good day, eh? No, Mark did not start his day with wine ... 
I just love this pic of happy daddy with his BeeZee girl.

It was a perfect morning for pulling the RV out to begin a minor update. We're replacing the vinyl wallpaper backsplash with a copper finish wallboard. 
Step 1 ... remove all foo-fa-rah, light switch covers, lambrequin and window blind. 

Step 2 ... I paint and prepare the panels while Mark sets up the saw. 

Step 3 ... Accept dinner invitation! Jill is doing a pork roast tonight! YEEHAW! 

Removing the window trim ... 
(Oh how we love a little project.) 

BeeZee raced around the RV with Robs ... he showed her his favorite lookouts.
And where to sit for meals ...
and upstairs to bed. Haha. 
Well, we arrived at Randy's about 610, and Jill had hors d'oeuvres ready for us. Dawn was at work until 8 o'clock so was late getting to the party. The five of us played Kings in the corner, and Randy won the pot! Apparently, he has been lucky the last four or five times. Jill had cooked fried chicken in the oven, and a pork loin on the barbecue. We had a delicious dinner followed by key lime pie. Many stories were told, and hundreds of laughs. Bob and Jill go home to Winnipeg on Monday. We will look forward to seeing them in June. Robbie and Belize had treats, a few ice cubes, and lots of cuddles on their visit. 

Bob and Jill had been laying on the deck today and both sunburnt. Jill looks as if hers will be OK, but I bet that Bob is going to peel. Yuck. 

Well that's it for today. We are on our way home at 11:20, and it's gotten quite cool. Tomorrow's another day. Ta ta. 

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