Monday, August 1, 2016

A U G U S T ... 1st, 2016

Good morning from Virginia's lovely Blue Ridge Mountains (which are shrouded in mist right now.) The first order of business today was to find a Dodge dealer. The first one I called couldn't get us in until next week. Oh-oh! He referred me to another dealer, Dick Meyers in Harrisonburg. The lady I spoke with juggled her workload and will fit us in tomorrow morning at 8:30. Our poor truck will be looked at to see if we need to order parts. We plan to leave it with them and Rent-A-Car until it's ready. So, Mark's going to run it in there tomorrow, about an hour away while I stay at the RV with the doggies. 

So, we have a lazy day around the campsite, just what we need! Tonight, at 6, there is a Giant Recreation World gathering at the "Yurt." 

Do you think RanDawn were shocked to read yesterday's Blog? 
Bwahahaha ... we miss them! Always fun times! MAYBE they'll be RVers soon?

We were treated to a pretty sunset after the rain
but we could see a fog bank building! Cool, eh?
Lightening bugs were flickering; but darn it's hard to get a pic of them. They weren't synchronized!
So we chilled out this afternoon and watched old reruns on TV. They were so much fun. The Rifleman with Chuck Conners, Bonanza with Lorne Greene / Michael Landon, Gunsmoke & Chips. It seems life was little simpler then. Ha ha ... TV was easier to follow too; there weren't five subplots going on in the background. 

Mark cooked kielbasa, garlic, onion and Parmesan cheese for tonight's hors d'oeuvre party. It sure smells good!!
Mark and Pete (Loretta) in the HOT yurt!
The food was very good and varied. We didn't need dinner. Too bad it was so darn hot! 

Having a Schnauzer across the street keeps our doggies entertained.
Loretta had an upset stomach today so I recommended Wayne's cure, Gin.

So that was it. We had a good day; mostly relaxing. It's very surprising to me that it is as warm and humid here as at home! Who knew?

The kids are having their last big walk at 8 o'clock before it gets dark. And that'll be our night. Tata. I hope your first day of August was great!

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