Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dodge ... August 2, 2016

Good morning! We were up with the birds, getting organized to take our truck to Dick Meyers in Harrisonburg for ??? = $$$.

So, while Mark drove to Harrisonburg, I walk the dogs and began laundry. Ms. B got in trouble this morning because she started blustering and barking at a cute little Cairn terrier. She was immediately put in the house and instead Robs went for the walk! When we got back 20 minutes later, there was a very sad little face waiting at the door for me. All was forgiven as she behaved on the next walk. 

Mark phoned to say the Dodge dealer had taken the truck in immediately to check it. They suggested he wait around for an hour or two until they have an answer as to what is the cause of the bearing noise. That's extremely nice, as we know they are very busy this week.

Well, we are celebrating. The dealer charged $12 for putting a metal clamp and bolts on a wiring harness that Advantage Dodge fastened with a tie wrap. WTF ... you can just picture me strutting into the dealership when we get home and raising hell. Last December, we had to replace the TIPM wiring harness ... and apparently, Advantage screwed up! The excellent work was done today by Dick Myers Chrysler dodge in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Awesome! We had them check the error codes that we have had come up on the vehicle over the last year. As suspected, they were all involving a turbo charger circuit. That we can take care of when we get home.

As we sit with the fire burning this evening, Canadian geese are flying overhead. I sure hope they're not flying south already! 

It was a gorgeous evening. We sat outside and watched satellites orbiting, and the International Space Station. Sweet. Finally, about 11 we came inside. The doggies had a good evening enjoying the fire too. 

Tomorrow, we plan to visit the Luray Caverns! Ta Ta. 

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