Sunday, July 31, 2016

Travelin' & Freakin' ... July 31, 2016

It's the last day of July ... and we're on the way to Luray, Virginia for the Giant Recreation World camp out. 
Virginia welcome center at 10:30. 
Robbie and Belize with Mark at the Virginia emblem. 

We bought fuel at a Pilot ... the usual clusterfuck...
Mr Impatient had to butt in between Mark fueling us up and the car fueling up ahead of us ... we eventually had to back out of there! What a tool. 

Traffic on 81 is heavy! Almost every exit there's a backup! Guess we'll find another route home next week. 

What a couple of numbskulls !!! WE decided the traffic was backed up, probably due to an accident, so we got off and decided to find a way around the traffic. I pushed detour into the GPS and it quickly found another way for us to get to Luray! Wowsa! (NOT!) We maneuvered  narrow roads and mowed a few corn cobs with our mirrors when bewildered folks met us head on. 15 miles along, Mark jammed on the brakes and we had to turn around because of an 11'2" bridge! WTF. Panic mode ... we dusted off a few trees and got turned around. Then, I got directions from a very sweet young girl on the road but didn't quite understand them (accents, yikes!) and Mark made a turn at the first right we came to. Next thing I knew we were on another Podunk road to nowhere! After a wee bit of cussing he pulled into a church parking lot and I phoned Sue. "Help! Call 911!" LOL. Sue got on her laptop and checked the route we were "thinking" about to get us back onto 81 north. LOL. While she was doing that, I called a few numbers for some assistance then gave up and called 911. The girl was extremely helpful (so now I can never tease Sue about wanting to call 911 in San Francisco when we missed our turn and ended up downtown.) LOL

Once back on 81N we encountered "Florida-type" rain! BeeZee jumped into Robbie's bed and snuggled up.
Not so tough now, huh girlie? Awww

What a friggin' travel day. What I failed to mention in the paragraph above was that before we turned around at the very low bridge, Mark noticed our Dodge making a terribly LOUD ticking noise. Since we could see the fan belt was fine and the gauges were reading normal, we continued on. After many prayers and finger crossings and several hairpin turns with 7% grades, we arrived at the KOA Luray ... and poured Archie drinks. 

We hung out GRW flag and Rogers sign and made chicken pot pies for supper! Tomorrow we will go socializing! Not tonight. Ha ha. Ta Ta. 

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