Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gunday ... August 20, 2016

Good morning. We were up and out very early for a concealed carry class. With all the crap going on in the world, we decided to get our concealed licenses. Now I know my Canadian friends may shake their heads in dismay ... both of us would hate to feel helpless and see someone else brutalized if we could do something about it. So there. It's not a cheap proposition! After a trip to the gun range with the officer, we headed home to walk the doggies. 

Randy and Dawn popped in about 330 after having visited Brandon and Brandon Junior for lunch. Dawn says Brandon Junior is now saying "da da!" and is beginning to stand by himself. Time goes so quickly as it seems he was just born yesterday!

Niece Olivia is traveling this weekend with her husband Derek (nearly a year!) and their pup Echo. 
Cute, eh? They went to Savannah's baby shower in Asheville!
Savannah has 9 more weeks ...
Everyone teased Marshall as he's put on 16 lbs for Savannah's pregnancy. LOL

That was our (fun) busy day. Ta Ta. 

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