Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Good morning y'all. It's a run-around doing errands start to our day. Our Ryobi blower "broke" and spit a piece of red plastic out when Mark tried to use Sunday. Home Depot was great ... they replaced it straight away! Sweet. We love the Depot!

It's Game Day this afternoon for me; and Mark is shopping and bathing the Scotties. The kids look like they've been camping for 2 weeks. LOL

Game day at Rose's was crazy fun. Unfortunately, Dodie appeared instead of Julie. LOL. Well, you never know your luck.  In any regard, we had lots of laughs and many stories were told! Rose's husband Jim arrived home early and was encouraged to play on the drums for us. I don't suppose that added to the party, do you? He poured MORE wine for those with wine glasses on their heads, ha! Finally about 515, all the girls staggered out for home. We played Train Dominoes and the "quiet" four played dice with Elaine. 

Tonight was easy-peasy for backing the RV in. First time; it slid in like a sausage in a casing. Yeehaw. Awesome!

Mark fueled up our Dodge and found a loose connection under the hook. After plugging it in, the engine light went out! A simple fix? We'll see. Meanwhile, we postponed our appointment. 

We talked with our pals from South Florida, Rod and Shay, and they are ready to visit on Friday for the weekend. That's another Yeehaw. Shay has Friday night's Mexican dinner planned. ;-)

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