Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday August 16, 2016

Good morning sunshine! (I was up earlier than the sun so watched an Ancient Aliens with Beez on my lap.) After I went back to bed, Mark got up and washed the car! 
So, after chores were done we took ourselves to lunch at Gators Dockside Mark was in the mood for a big Cobb salad. I had a buffalo chicken wrap which was very good, but very messy. LOL

Later, we went and bowled two games; the first in more than three weeks. The first game we were both pitiful. Mark's second game improved somewhat, but mine did not. More practice is needed. Wa waaa.
Mark missed a "Turkey!" Hahaha. 

Speaking of Bowling, Randy and Dawn met Greg and Sue for more bowling today. RanDawn have to drive home later tonight.  Randy's dental work was a fit failure, for the third time. >:-( His dentist offered to make good on the ordeal ... but that means more visits to Pompano! 

Bonnie forwarded a pic of Robbie's brother Tubby who lives in Chicago. 
Isn't he a cutie! We're so happy ... he has 2 (human) girls to play with! You look very healthy Tubby!

Meanwhile in Canada ... 
Wayne and Sue's guests enjoyed a dockside fish fry! (I'm sure it made their awful flight experience worthwhile!)

Back home, Mark cooked a lovely spaghetti sauce, but even at 6:30, we were too full from our big lunch ... so we're going to watch the Olympics diving!  Ok!

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