Monday, August 8, 2016

Clean-Up Monday, August 8, 2016

Good morning. Well, the weather system that has been parked over North Western Florida has decided to move further west, eventually. Areas like Perry and Cedar Key, Florida have been inundated with up to 12 inches of rain. So, today, with cloud cover and cooler air, it's a perfect day for cleaning up the RV before tucking it into its house. (It's tough to get things done with the Olympics on!)

Pam sent us this pic of son Daniel, Journalist for the Giants. That's Dan on the right! Cool eh!
It's nice to see him doing well. He's worked hard and is moving along nicely with his career. Kudos, Dan! 

Sue and Wayne are busy with cottage guests but managed to jazz up their cottage driveway decor. 
It looks nice! "Rocky Bell Buoy-a."

Chippy is happy ...
there is such a thing as a free lunch at K's. 

Our pal Rick is driving with his copilot Daisy from Kelowna BC to visit at Lake of the Woods. We wish we were there to see everyone too. (We missed seeing Lynne & Les at breakfast in town this morning!) 

The Scotties seem delighted to be home again ... especially BeeZee. I guess she's not sure of this RVing lifestyle, this was just her 2nd trip away in it. 

That's all for now. Early to bed ... it's going to be a busy one tomorrow!

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