Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Good morning! Ain't no sunshine? Actually, showers are predicted for today.

This is sweet Chessie, Tony and Aurelia's boy. He has a lovely home 10 miles outside of Winnipeg and also a big motorhome for "camping." He was adopted through Shih Tzu Rescue in Florida about 5 years ago!

Speaking of Tony and Aurelia, Sue and Wayne had a funny story to tell. Now I'm not sure if wine was involved, but possibly. What do you see on the wall ... and I'm not referring to the Loons?

Hmmm ... well this is the text I got from Sue and Wayne ... 

Do you see the Scottie that Aurelia "saw?" Here's a closer look ...

Bwahahaha. It's a rusty old saw. (Sue said there's never a dull moment ...) 

The plan was bowling tonight for our local humane society's "Bark and Bowl" at Break Point Alley. After Mark was kneeling down installing a (much wanted by me) lamp outlet in the Sunroom, his knees hurt. I had to admit, begrudgingly, that my back was sore after walking around Home Depot earlier. Randy and Dawn had agreed to meet us at 6, but it turned out that Randy was feeling rotten. So, when Mark called, Randy wasn't too upset. Alas, it's going to cost me a guilt donation to the humane society. LOL

Walks done ... it's TV time. Ta Ta. 


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