Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016

It's a lovely start to our day, well, my day. Mark is sleeping in ... and Robbie went back to bed. LOL ... so it's just Beez and me. 

Well, who's this sweet pup?
Some horrid person tossed this 9 lb. pup out of a car and sped away! A friend of Bonnie's (Tulsa) witnessed the dirty deed. Bonnie and Roger have the sweet little girl at their house now. She's about 9 weeks old and is available to adopt. 
Ella (Scottie) meets Tori. Cute huh?

On the home front, we prepped for pals Rod and Shay arriving tomorrow! Shay has prepared chili rellenos for tomorrow's dinner including RanDawn. I suspect a PARTAY will ensue! LOL (Champagne is on ice!)

Randy and Dawn worked about their place catching up on gardening and have invited us (with ShayRod) for Sunday night dinner. Nice! Randy's cooking his most excellent chicken marsala! (We plan a boat ride with ShayRod ... breakfast at Magnolia's ... and dinner at Hurricane's.) 

Sue and Wayne went to dinner at Donna and Dennis W's home tonight with "the dinner group." I bet it'll be a late late night!

After dinner, the rain began and we sat on our front porch and sipped wine. Perfect! We're excited for our company to arrive ... pals for nearly 30 years. YEEHAW. 

More tomorrow. 

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