Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Good morning! Wowsa ... Chili Rellenos for breakfast. (Thanks for the recipe Shay!) Mark did a great job cooking it ... low carb easy-peasy. 

Our lawn guys arrived ... MyScapes has been our service for about 4 years. Today, Pat was trying to start a push-mower and couldn't get it to run. Since they've cut our back yard twice with a weed wacker (and I wasn't thrilled) Mark went out to help get it running. Once Mark showed Pat how, the push mower fired right up! Yay! (The huge riding mower doesn't fit through our side gate ... and the RVport blocks the opposite side yard.) Matt (owner) has a smaller riding mower for our back yard but it's currently in the shop for repair. Also, Mark asked the guys to mow K's lot at the end of our street. 

Mz Beez was very busy keeping watch on the yard men. Robs, well he was sleeping upside down. Haha.

This afternoon, we hauled out our bowling bag and went for three games at Breakpoint. (The place is looking great with new monitors, carpeting, flooring and paint!) I tuckered out after 2 1/2 games so Mark finished up. He had two turkeys in 1 game this afternoon!!!
Wowsa!!! (I had "the worst" day!) Haha. 
Schweet!!! (Yes, I make up words.) 

Sue doesn't like my word "Partay" ... but it's getting around!
LOL ... Awesome, eh?

So, after watching the weather and deciding whether "Invest 99" might affect us, we decided to relax and enjoy some beverages at our outside tiki bar.  Haha!  We sat outside for two hours, it was 81° with a slight breeze and no bugs. Ms. BZ relaxed on a barstool between us while Robbie kept watch for errant lizards. It was a great evening to sit out and yak.  Life is good in Central Florida.

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