Sunday, August 7, 2016

NC to Home ... Sunday, August 7, 2016

Good morning! We were up and on the road toward home by 8:15. There's a huge storm in Florida ... so we'll see how the drive unfolds. 

South Carolina & Pedro's Sombrero at South of the Border! Ole. 
SC ... please fix your roads!
Ugh! From the NC border to the Georgia border there were 10 GOOD miles of road! Plenty of potholes ... tire blowout debris and folks pulled over with flats!

Walking the kids at the SC rest area. 
I bought two "Eee -Eee" toys at a TA ... and showed Mark who said it out loud! Robbie went into high alert. He had us laughing by popping up 5 times a minute looking for the toy. I put the two toys into the glove box which Robbie saw. After 2 hours of nagging, I gave it to him. Then BeeZee wanted hers. Now, 20 minutes later there's peace! Both are sleeping with their toys. Awww

Straddling the potholes at the rest area! 

We made it to Georgia. This is the beautiful Savannah River ... then we turned into the Georgia Welcome Center ... and saw all the construction. Awful. Mark had to snake the RV between rows of cars and people gawking to get to the back area where we could park and walk the dogs. LOL. We think we may have missed the truck entrance, but it was not marked as such. 

We checked in with RanDawn ... Dawn looked at the weather for us. We decided we are better off heading for home today as areas of Northern Florida are expecting a foot of rain over the next two days. Sweet. 

At 4:45 PM we got off I-95 and onto the Ormond beach/40 exit. We still have 55 miles to go, but it's on quieter roads. So far, just a couple of very light showers. It appears we will get home without any huge monsoon. Sweet. 

St. John's River!

We stopped at Old Mill Stream RV Resort to flush our RV's system. The people charged eight dollars and showed us where the facilities work. It is a very clean RV park with a large lake, pool and clubhouse area. 

So, we arrived home by 615 and began a fun task of unloading. 

Sue and Wayne have had Larry and Maggi Flett visiting for the past several days. They have been out dancing and fishing with them. (Once family, always family!) 

Randy and Dawn have been busy today with her granddaughter Charlotte's birthday. 
Charlotte's dad blew up all these balloons for a morning surprise! What a guy!

We're both tuckered out. Time for a shower and some TV. Tata till tomorrow.

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