Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Goodbye August... Wednesday 31st, 2016

Yeah yeah, where does the time go...blah, blah blah. LOL. August was a great month here ... but it's time for September breezes and a hint of autumn, Central Florida style, that is!

The Scotties and I sat outside for 20 minutes at 6 this morning. It was 75 and breezy with our lighthouse gong activated ... likely driving Steve and Shelby (neighbor) nuts. Unless, like me, they love it! (I bought the gong in Camden, Maine during our 2008 (first) RV trip! It was misty and 65F with colorful fishing boats quietly at anchor in the bay. That's where MY mind goes when it gongs! Nice, eh!

Mark decided today was THE day to get Da Mountie ready for hunting season! So, he's outside rotating tires in the rain ... putting the "more tread" ones on the back for traction! Now last Christmas, one of his gifts was $500 for new tires but I I think it's a matter of pride to see just how many miles he can get out of these oldies! LOL. 

Mark's been keeping Da Mountie at Jack's (RIP) carport. He thought he'd trim the bushes alongside and then sweep the area. Well, he disturbed one of the residents ... the biggest rat snake he'd ever seen! (I declined posting his picture ... well, the 2nd picture! The first pic was taken on the run! THAT pic I would have shown you!") LOL

Bonnie in T-town started her first Choctaw language lesson yesterday! Wow, I think that's amazing. Roger has been taking lessons for several years and taught us a few words when we last visited. Did you know that the code talkers from WW1 were Native American Choctaw?

Tonight, Mark and I are going to dinner at Guadalajara with Pat and Ken plus Rose and Jim and Nancy. (Dinner was really good ... Mark and I had Fajita del Mar which is Atkins friendly.)  Afterward, everyone came over for night caps ... plus Lynn joined us! 
The stories were flowing ... and many laughs shared.) Everyone has doggies at home ... so we broke up the party just before 9. We are so lucky to have such nice people as neighbor's and friends. 

That was our day in a nutshell, er in a wine glass? Ta Ta til tomorrow. Muah. 

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