Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Good morning! The weather folks are happy ... there's something to forecast. We've been hearing about "Invest 99" for 10 days now and "finally" (as one meteorologist said) it's turned into a tropical system. Haha. It's a tough boat to float if your predictions don't hold water. LOL. Hey I like that saying. Anyway, there is a chance that we could get some rain from this system on Thursday. No problem, but I hope it doesn't put a damper on our Yaya's night at Linda T's house! 

We started our Monday morning by wrapping an old lampshade that I sold on eBay. Now when I say old, it's probably five years old. Things don't tend to hang around here if I'm not 100% thrilled with them. 
Ya gotta love that eBay! I sold it for $25 and the buyer paid a shipping of $13.97. I began by bubble wrapping it and then Mark made a double cardboard box that it would fit in. Awesome. Now we have 25 bucks spare cash! Schweet. (Take note Miss Bonnie, I bet you have a treasure trove in your storage locker by now!)

After a breakfast of Shay's Chili Rellenos  and a sliced ripe tomato, Mark dashed off to the post office with the lampshade and then onto Winn-Dixie for salad items. What a great guy!

Then, we got a fantastic phone call from Roddy who was thrilled to receive his birthday package, and from Shay who was cooking Roddy's pre-birthday lunch. Yes, our friends celebrate birthdays for a long while too. Ha ha! (His actual birthday is September 1st.) 

Sue and Wayne sent the following picture of Chessie visiting with his friends Julius and ShortyHotpants at their cottage. 
Isn't it nice that Chessie sees his friends at least once a year! All three look fabulous!

I'm happy to report that Randy is feeling much better. His stomachache yesterday may have been user error. Ha ha. Anyway, he is feeling much better! Dawn is off work today and tomorrow, so the pups are going with us for a visit at 4 o'clock.  Nice, happy hour at the "Staggermen's" bar! (A few minutes later, Randy called to invite us to stay for dinner. Well all right then!)

It was an exciting night at RanDawn's ...  our Scotties were on high alert and agitated by a mouse who jumped out of a drawer in their patio! No one could believe what they saw. LOL

Randy whacked the mouse with the broom, and Mark fed it to the alligator. LOL. Oh what fun, Florida style! Next thing you know, there were two more mice in the drawer where the first one had fled!!! Randy bent the broom in his zeal to kill the "3 blind mice!" OMG!

The Scotties had been on the hunt and helped uncle Randy find the three mice that had been terrorizing his patio! Wow, they were so excited. Cats 'n rats 'n elephants found! (Actually, Mark was concerned, privately, that the three so called mice were actually a nest of baby rats!) 
Ninja with a broom. What aim! Wowsa!

We had a good dinner, and bottle of wine complements of Shay and Roddy! Of course, as most parties do, we got all out of hand. There were many laughs. We sat on the porch and enjoyed a pouring rain, along with more wine and many laughs.

Dinner was good, and we arrived home about midnight! Tata till tomorrow. 

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