Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ahhhh, Sunday! (8/21/16)

There's nothing like a lazy Sunday morning ... even when we're retired! Maybe it's the Sundays remembered from another era when newspaper comics were laid out on the Livingroom carpet to be savoured. Happy lazy Sunday, y'all. 

BeeZee and Robbie had scissor cuts today and TLC from Mark while I did laundry chores. They sure enjoyed the extra attention! 

We are very happy to say that Sue and Wayne plus Shizzles will be dropping by for a couple of nights on their way south from Canada. Yay! We sure enjoy our fun company! And, by the way, all our friends are fun. Imagine that?

Those, in case you hadn't guessed, are a few of my favorite cartoons. 

Bonnie and Roger continued their goal of prepping the Tulsa house to sell. Somehow, amid packing and painting, they took dragonfly pictures! 

Nice photography! I'm betting Roger was the artist. 

After Mark's homemade meatloaf dinner (yummy), we all settled in to watch TV.  

Robbie had a rawhide that Beez wanted. So, she made a rubber toy seem like the ultimate chewie. LOL. It didn't work. (There are 2 rawhides! They just want the same one!) 

At 8 o'clock, we phoned Rod and Shay. It was still 93 there in Boca, but we were enjoying the outside at 88° with a breeze. We had a few laughs and rehashed last weekend's fun. 

The tiki ring toss got a work out but Mark was the big winner! Yes, I won a few games, but he's the champ! He also enjoyed a cigar and the remainder of Roddy's Tennessee honey whiskey. 

Now, we're watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. Ta Ta. 

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