Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thirstday August 18, 2016

Good day eh? We began our morning routine ... then watched the women's Olympic diving qualifier round. Damn, they come so close to hitting the board ... one girl's ponytail hit the platform! Yikes. 

Mark left about 1030 to help Randy install his garage air-conditioner. I had the very exciting task of paying bills and, more fun, scheduling RV trips! It all sounds simple, but do remember I'm entertaining two fairly lively Scotties while attempting paperwork. LOL. Do you know anyone who orders the "bark box?" It's a surprise package that arrives monthly for your dog(s.) 

Speaking of boxes ... Bonnie and her faithful Scottie, Cabby, delivered packed boxes to their storage unit. (Bonnie and Roger have listed their Tulsa house for sale.) Alas, we have many fond memories of our visits there. 
Although dear Cabby seems to be sticking close by in this picture, he did take off after something that caught his eye ... typical terrier instinct! But, he came back when his mom called him.
What??? Hey, I nearly caught it Mom!
OK! Let's go home! Aroooo!

Mark ran into an issue at Randy's with not enough power to run everything he has in his garage room plus the air-conditioner. Wha-waaa. The air-conditioner works well, but not with the refrigerator and TV plugged in too! Hey, that's normal ... one job always leads to another. LOL
15,000 BTU A/C unit plugs into wall socket! Awesome ... if YOU have a circuit for it. Haha. 

We're happy to see K's Chippy keeping a close watch on HIS birdseed. Aw, so cute! Why don't we have Chipmunks in Central Florida?
Well, apparently WE DO!

So, it would be very nice if a dozen or so hitched a Prevost ride south ... just sayin' ... they could avoid a freezing winter!

We know this is our friend Jim G on the right ...
'cause that glass contains Apple Crown! ;-)

So, tonight, after happy hour ... Olympics! Ta Ta. 

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