Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Good morning. We slept in and missed Randy's offer to pop in for coffee. He had dropped Dawn at work and was hoping for a visit. Too bad, but we were still sleeping! We stayed up very late watching the Olympics.
The dive by Shaunae Miller won by the 400M!

Today, I went with the gals for luncheon at Tiki West. It was a nice time and I caught up on what everyone had been up to. Of course I had tales of our fun with Rod and Shay's visit. 

The dinner night at Hollerbach's (Sanford's) German restaurant was, by all accounts, good food and lively entertainment! (We were in Virginia but will partake of the next group reservation!) 

Mark gathered his tools for tomorrow's fun at RanDawn's installing a big A/C unit in their Harley garage/room. It will certainly make it more usable year round.

After dinner (Mark cooked spaghetti sauce!) and a dog walk, we settled in to watch more Olympics! 

That was our lazy enough day! 

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