Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday ... August 14, 2016

Sunday-Funday! We were up and aboard Mrs R B by 9 for a cruise to breakfast! Imagine us all up and out at the same time!

Magnolia's Cafe serves a good breakfast which kept us going as we cruised Lake Eustis, the Dora Canal and Lake Dora. Then it was high time for a brew at Okeefe's. When we arrived, they were just vacuuming from the night before! LOL ... but that didn't stop us from sitting at the bar! We had one and continued our cruise. 
Mark and Roddy ... walking up to Magnolia's from the lake. 
Shay and Roddy ... enjoying the Dora Canal cruise. It was overcast and coolish.

Back home, we were eating chips and giggling in the kitchen when Randy arrived (soaked to the skin) on his bike. Shay said, "grab him a towel!!!"  But I said, "Hell no, I've got to get a picture for the blog." Hee hee. 
Hahaha ... Roddy and Mark felt sorry for Randy and poured him a drink. Roddy  poured a margarita while Mark poured him a Tennessee honey whiskey. Bazinga! 
Roddy treated us to his rendition of Jerry Lee Lewis's "Balls of Fire!" Hilarious!
We all yakked for over an hour and were laughing like fools. It was great fun! 

At five, we went to RanDawn's for a dinner party. Randy and Dawn had salad, excellent chicken marsala, whipped tomatoes and green beans. Of course there were many bottles of champagne and wine involved! We had so much fun telling stories and laughing. 
It was a gorgeous evening ... hors d'oeuvres and champagne on the porch ... and lizard hunting for the doggies!

Robbie and BeeZee were lucky to spend the evening with everyone! Sweet. 

So, we came home about 1030, and continued chatting for a while. What a great day it had been! Suddenly at 11:30 the electric went off and Shay yelled, "Last call!" LOL. Actually, Duke Energy had a power failure caused by equipment damage. There were no storms around that we were aware of, but definitely something major happened as the power remained off until 315 in the morning!

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