Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Oh we're slow moving this morning! Trace Adkins sang "I ain't never had too much fun!" Well, perhaps, but less wine consumption might have been a good idea! LOL - Even the doggies slept til 9:30 - and they were still looking groggy at noon. That hunting episode was apparently high energy! 

Last night "I" decided we 4 should go RVing this weekend "somewhere!" Yes, a terrific idea as RanDawn were talking about a ride to Cedar Key (aka CeeCee Key thanks to our pal Lynn Z while partaking of Sambuca!) and we had said we had planned a drive with the dogs to New Symrna Beach. Great idea, thought I. Then ... reality set in this morning when this dang "Invest 99" that I ridiculed yesterday turned into an actual tropical depression with a forecast path right over Cedar Key on the west side and New Symrna on the east coast! WHAAA-WA-WAAAA. >:-(

Obviously, it would be cra-cra to haul our rig out of the RVport this week! (Mark is somewhat relieved.) LOL
Perhaps we should get a few "hurricane" supplies in as we "all" in South Florida got caught with our pants down in 2005 when Wilma strengthened overnight and kicked our area's butts! (We were in New York City that weekend and had just arrived home to Fort Lauderdale airport on the last flight in!) Matt, Mark and I sat playing Mexican Dominoes and watching our boat (Lac a Moola) leaping and twisting at our dock with the big waves in our canal! We later heard wind speed of 130 MPH was recorded at Pompano Airport just a couple of miles north of us!

Somehow, our lazy day sped by with fall decorating on the front porch, laundry, dog walking and BBQing sausages for dinner. 

Sue and Wayne have new residents at their cottage. 
I'm not familiar with a fenced area at their cottage but there it is and this doe and fawn feel secure near it. Beautiful!

Mark spotted this ditty on Facebook ...
so ... don't fuss if you have trouble falling asleep, it's okay! You've got an active brain!

And here's a giggle to wind down. 
LOL ... Can you imagine! 

Well, that's it for today ... as you can see, my publishing department is ready for bed. Haha
BeeZee on my lap, Robbie on the recliner footrest ... Happy happy days! 

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