Friday, August 12, 2016

ShayRod's Arrival ... August 12, 2016

Sunny and lovely ... a good start to a summer's day. Rod and Shay sent a message about 1130 that they had issues with their car's air conditioning and would be delayed. A few minutes later, I got a follow-up message saying "false alarm" we're on the way! LOL. There's bound to be a story there.

Dawn is working today until 8 o'clock, but Randy is coming at 4:30 to join in the festivities. Dawn will join us after work for dinner. She has to work tomorrow too. It's not fair! It sucks to be too young to retire. Haha. 

Our buddy Timichael is enduring 116 heat ... so he's inside doing business paperwork and watching Ancient Aliens! 

It's now 3:45, and Rod and Shay should be here any moment ... i'm sure they won't be late for happy hour at four. Champagne is on ice in the glasses are ready.

Our pals look fantastic! Shay arrived with a box of food and Roddy with a cooler of liquid refreshment. And ... the party began!

Looking great Marky. Hey, we had to drink the champagne to get this look. LOL

Dinner was great; I love Shay's Chili Rellenos dish ... and then more champagne ...

And plenty of silly hilarity! 

I'm not sure how Dawn managed to put up with us being 4 hours ahead of her in party time, but she did! Of course. LOL

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