Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cooler Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Good morning sunshine. Where are you? It's a cloudy start to our day with a high of 88 forecast. 

Mark shopped today for our Atkins program and met Jim Holler there. In this neighborhood of mainly retirees, many of the guys do the shopping and cooking. Nice!  

Me? I sorted pictures from our last trip and framed two for our "gallery" hallway. An oldie from a 1999 cruise pic came down while recent ones of our Asheville gang went up! 

I had early morning snuggle time with both Robbie and BeeZee. 

Sue and Wayne had a bear visitor yesterday in their cottage's garage! It didn't find anything to eat so went ambling away. Today's visitor was a doe and fawn. 
Sue said the fawn was out of range of the picture. 

We had plans tonight with Randy and Dawn. Unfortunately, Randy came down with a cold and wasn't feeling well. Mark phoned and encouraged him to stay home and rest up. (Both Randy and I tend to carry on "burning the candle at both ends" instead of resting!) 

So, since we were hungry early, we took ourselves to Stavros for Greek salads and meatballs. Atkins perfect! 

Ebay surprised me with a 3rd sale for this week! I wrapped that and Mark will take it to the post office tomorrow. 

Rick and Ruth brought me this plant last spring ...
and it's growing nicely! (This was taken yesterday during our late day rain.)

That was our day. Ta ta. 

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