Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016

Good morning! It's Monday. And, we have plenty of things to do today. Nothing very exciting but the Kia is going in for an oil change, a new passenger area air filter and our first mechanical malfunction. The indicator which shows miles per gallon is stuck at 30. Now we wish this were true, but normally it fluctuates. I really have to say though our Kia Sorrento has been extremely reliable. 

Other projects for today include buying the top rail wood for Mark's boathouse project and getting (bad) photos for our new concealed licenses. The last time I needed passport photos, it took three tries for the photos to be acceptable. I sure hope we are luckier this time! I mean, how difficult can it be to take a photo for a license? 

September 1 is our pal Roddy's 70th birthday. We are putting together a fun package to mail him. I ordered photo prints from their visit last weekend and we're including a gift card for a birthday dinner. I'd like to also include a goofy party hat which I know he would wear. Ha ha. 

Funny thing but when I posted comics yesterday, I didn't have one from cousin Alex ... then, voilĂ  ... 


So, I spoke too soon about the Kia. First off the Malfunction we thought we had was merely "user error." Mark had in advertently touched a button on the steering wheel that changed the screen we were looking at. Who knew? LOL. But, the car needed a wheel alignment and balancing. What the heck? We don't have 15,000 miles on it yet. All we can figure is there were some rough roads on our trip to Tulsa last January; maybe the cause? So, in all, $200 later we got the car back. 

While we were tossing the credit card around, I found some new chairs for our RV patio. Randy and Dawn are joining us for our October Fort Wilderness/Disney trip ... so, 4 new chairs are on the way! (It's time to toss the 4 uncomfortable, worn ones.) 

Poor Randy (as Mom would say) had dental work done today in Pompano! He has some pain! ~:-(  Mark reminded him of the scotch remedy. Hey, it works! 

Well, it's Olympics withdrawal here. Now we have to get back into our regular program and playing cards once a while. 

Sue and Wayne have gone with friends to Ash Rapids for dinner. It's a long ways to go when there's no lighting on the lake! 
In the upper right hand I noted where their cottage is! Wowsa. 

Okay. It's relax time! ;-)

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