Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Luray Caverns ... August 3, 2016

Good morning! It was a lovely 74 degrees so we felt safe leaving the doggies in the RV for a couple of hours (just in case the power went out!) while we explored a U.S. National Landmark! 
Here's our "official" picture ... just like on a cruise ... stand here - Snap. LOL ... Whaatt? So, the pic looks like two surprised folks. 

We posted 17 photos on Facebook, so you could see more there if you'd like.
The stalactites grow 1/4 inch every 300 years! (These are hanging from the cave ceiling.) Stalagmites grow from the ground up. It's very humid in the caves and the air temperature is a steady 64°F.
You will not have a good hair day in the caverns. Ha ha
Goofy selfies abound. 

This is a 2 foot deep "lake". 
Aren't the reflections amazing?
To me, this ranks up there in tourist attractions! (NOT LIKE Ruby Falls! Bleh.)
It was a 1 1/2 mile walk through the caverns and we were down 18 stories! 
My knees were rubbery after getting out of there! If you go, wear rubber soled shoes, it's wet and possibly slippery. 

At 4, we took our happy hour to the (big) pool. There was plenty of shade with 14 huge umbrellas and loads of (too low for me) chaise chairs. The hostess came outside to talk and made suggestions on enjoying a Skyline Drive. Nice. 

Back home, Mark cooked homemade spaghetti sauce for our dinner. (I goofed. :-(  ... thawed ground beef in the store wrapper without an under plate in the fridge. What a mess!) Oops. My bad!

Tonight, we're going to relax with the doggies and watch the CMA show. Ta Ta. 

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