Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday August 10, 2016

Rub-dub-scrub the front of our bug covered house. We're experiencing the blind-mosquito seven day plague. Yuck. No they don't bite ... they're a type of fish fly ... and we're surrounded by water. >:=(

Tonight is date night! We've decided on Puddle Jumpers in Tavares! RanDawn have been running errands and are dropping in shortly for a visit ... with Robbie and BeeZee. LOL. We sure missed them while we were traveling ... we always have plenty of laughs together.  So, while we were drinking beer, Mark checked the weather and noticed a rain storm moving in. Since they had come on the bike, they headed home to get changed for date night. 

Puddle Jumper's has $1 drafts, $2 wine and $3 well drinks Monday thru Friday from 3-7. Wowsa! It was a good thing we arrived just after 5 o'clock ... we saved lots of money! Haha. 
It's 3 months today til Randy and Dawn tie the knot! 

Jim sent pics of his place with big beautiful blooming plants!
He credits Miracle Gro for their size! Nice!

That was our day! Ta Ta. 

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