Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Toosdee July 19, 2016

Good day! We started our morning listening to the GOP convention coverage  and Steven Colbert's hilarious performance of Christmas in July. Then of course there was Trump's wife Melania's (plagiarized) speech. Oh boy! I wish Jon Stewart was around to guide us through the craziness. 
This cartoonist has plenty to say! Do we really want an egomaniac with a finger on  THE button? What kind of world will we pass onto our children and grandchildren? That is, assuming there's a planet after "the D T's." Plenty of my GOP pals will be tuning out about now so I will expand on Hillary. I'm mad as hell too that she lied to the American people about her private email server. I am! She had plenty of time to come clean about it. I think though that HC has the world's best interests at heart. We cannot alienate our NATO friends ... yes, we need immigration reform ... yes we need to control our borders and screen people ... but let's take a deep breath and THINK. This terrorism problem started with the first attack on the World Trade Center in the 1990s. There were many attacks around the world that we as Americans largely ignored until 911 when we were brought kicking and screaming into the war on terror with Dubya in charge. Now these 15 years later we have home grown terrorists ... some are children of immigrants who have become radicalized, and some of our own just plain nut jobs! THAT'S what we must address! One of the problems with the World Wide Web is everyone's a possible bomb builder ... unlike China, where access is limited to what their government allows them to see. We ALL have to want peace ... and remain vigilant by reporting even the smallest indication of  craziness to the police. 

I don't know what's going to happen with this election but I do know we all have to be kinder to one another ... after all, we are all on this planet together. 

So, that said, it was a very nice day here! We took our Dodge in for pre-trip service and were annoyed with Advantage ... after 3 hours, they only managed the oil change ... no tire rotation ... tires under inflated ... truck not washed. Mark brought it home that way but when I heard, I called Jack, service manager. Yes, he was sorry; bring it back in, blah blah blah. What a waste of a day. 

By 6 o'clock there was a breeze and we sat outback for happy hour and ring toss. Of course Mark aced the game and I could practice all week and never achieve any skill. LOL ... never mind, the wine was good.

Randy and Dawn are on their way home from Pompano. Unfortunately, Randy's dental bridge did not fit, again, so Mark offered to carve him a tooth out of an old deer antler. LOL. Hey, at least he doesn't have to travel 4 hours each way for a fitting. Ha ha ha. (I know Rick Moir will love that.) 

Years ago, Sue gave Shiloh a hand-me-down toy, Garfield, that had been loved and played with by her 2 dogs. Shiloh loved it, it was his favorite toy and it was passed on to Maggi. Somehow, it's survived Maggi and got passed on to Robbie. It was Robbie's absolute favorite toy, and notice I said it in past tense.
Sweet Mz BeeZee killed Garfield! Call the undertaker. Wa wa waaaa. 

So that was our day. Now it's Ancient Aliens and propulsion of the the Vimanas ... later tonight is a great TV. I expect happy hour may continue ... peace be with us all. 

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